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    @bakerprincess you probably want to probably marry me,possibility,so,i would say definitely i would,but how old are you? Because you could if you want to because i just giving you a choice to have,honestly.i’ll probably keep a promise because the best to look at the stars when you’re alone which i always look at the night sky,but i’m loyal,obviously which is fine with me because it’s you’re decision if you want,you could possibility be okay with me,i’ll let you choose,just given you a option? The choice is definitely yours ,so,what do think?

    • How about we just be friends and I’m 29

      • that’s fine,too,but if you change you’re mind,it’s okay to begin with it seems sad that i’m always alone,mostly i feel like miles prower off of sonic the hedgehog now,so,i would say that,i’m kind of honesty alot alike sonics sidekick when i feel sad because my heart been broken 💔 before,honestly,see i’m like a equal match to miles prower the cartoon character kind of since i have blue eyes and tails the fox has blue eyes,so,i basically have the fox 🦊 spirit living in me possibility to tell you the truth.