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    @cheri thanks 😊tell me about you ?

    • Well I 22 years old, I live in Maryland with my two parents, I have two older brothers, and two standard poodles. I am an animal lover, I love to shop, I love to watch tv, play on my iPad and iPhone, read books about mystery, romance, & fantasy. I love photography and I have an SLD (Specific Learning Disability) and vitiligo on my face, hands, knees, feet & ears too. So, that enough about me, what about you?

      • Well I’m 35 years old live in Colorado. I live with my mother. I love animals, I have 4 total. 2 dogs and 2 cats. My dogs are little ones and they are a chihuahua and a minature pincher.. I like to go camping, have bbqs, watch football (LSU) in particular. I like to read funny books and also mystery. Also like some tv shows, like the bachelor shows and modern family. I like all movies except thrillers and horror. I have autism.