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    • Hello Anya. I’m James and it would be nice to be your friend. I’m from MA.

    • I am a caring, loving man with a huge heart. I too am looking for love. But I have no desire to rush. Let’s talk here and see where things go.

      • Also. I am looking for a woman who can appriciate a kind heart and like wise make me happy.

      • wow that’s good me to Well what are you up to tonight i’m just in my room Listening to music and this is my First time being on this app I don’t know much about this app I just signed up for this today and so far I’ve only gotten you on this app hope to hear from you Soon

        • Not much to be honest. What types of music are you into? I am a metal head. One of my favorite singer/songwriters is Johnny Cash. I-m on vaca with family. I’m a self written poet.

          • I love Hard rock Like ac/dc and some others. I don’t really listen to Country but there is some songs I love you listen too. Wow that’s cool that you are a poet. I’ve Wrote my own poem for my Granny. What kind of Heavy Metal do you like.