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So just curious on how everyone’s holidays were. What did you do? Who did you spend them with? Do you have any special holiday family traditions? I just love the holidays. To me it’s time to spend with my family and friends and celebrate. I have been through a lot in my life living with […]
For those who have Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Autism and any other disability what do you like to do for the Holidays? What is your favorite Holiday? My favorite Holiday…. that’s a tough one actually because I think all the Holidays are fun. But if I have to pick just one I would pick […]
You’ve probably already read the “why” we started www.myspecialmatch.com, so now I am going to share with you how this website has changed our lives. Being a parent of a young adult with a traumatic brain injury we have endured many challenges, however, the hardest challenge is over her finding friends. Through our website she […]
Anybody find it harder to keep friends after high school? I do. After high school ends you go off to college and forget your friends at home. Not fun. That’s why I think this website is awesome because it gives me and people like me with disabilities a chance to make friends and have someone […]
Anyone else find it hard to make friends and be able to keep those friends with having a special need or disability? I know I am. When I was in school I found it very hard to find friends and on the other hand I also found it hard to have the friends I had […]